Kanye West Wears, Showcases “White Lives Matter” Design At “YZYSZN9”

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If there is something Kanye West knows how to do, it is pull controversial moves that get the world talking. The Rap and Fashion icon has been at the forefront of debates and division in recent years as his business and political moves have stirred the pot. West’s presidential run confused many, as did his takes on slavery and Harriet Tubman.

Despite it all, his popularity has only grown as he continued to push forward with several creative, sports, and educational avenues. Donda Academy is upon us, we’ve received two Donda records, and today (October 3), he debuted YZYSZN9 on Livestream.

The runway show in and of itself was a look that commanded the world’s attention, but some people quickly pointed out that West’s show featured garments that read, “White Lives Matter.” The controversial phrase is a counter-activist take on the Black Lives Matter movement. West was also seen wearing a shirt of the same design.

The apparel appeared in black and white versions with large, bold prints of the words. This, of course, has caused quite a few conversations, especially in Hip Hop and politics. It is unclear what his motivation was behind the design, but we’re sure we’ll all hear much more about it in the days to come.

Check out a few images and reactions below.

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