Doja Cat Shows Off Unique Makeup At Paris Fashion Week

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Doja Cat has been serving looks throughout her entire career. From her now iconic cow-tfit in the “Mooo!” music video to her increasingly fire eyebrow game, you can always count on the “Say So” star for some wild and often awe-inspiring fashion statements. The look she debuted at Paris Fashion Week, though, has made fans as scared as they are skeptical.

Doja came through with a ghostly full face make-up, with most of her face covered in white with some blue hues framing her face. She matched the look with an all-black dress and red lipstick that really forces you to devote all your attention to her face. It’s eye-catching to say the least, but maybe a little too much for fans.

Of course, there are a few people on social media that are always ready to give the 26-year-old artist her flowers. They’re here for the unpredictability, the eccentricity, and the confidence with which Doja carries herself. Most people, though, quickly pulled out their best Halloween and ghost jokes online. Just wait until this becomes the new trend and fans start heralding her as a pioneer. She is the woman who made “Kiss Me More,” after all, so she’s well-deserving of a pass on her fashion statements.

In other news from the L.A. singer and rapper, she’s been teasing fans about what genre her next album will be, switching from purely R&B to experimental jazz and rock and whatever troll she pulls next. Stay tuned to HotNewHipHop for the latest updates on the new Doja Cat album, and check out some notable reactions to her makeup below.

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