New & Hottest Songs – October 2022 – Pt.1

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dvsn Connects With Jagged Edge For Latest Single, “What’s Up”

As we make our way into R&B season, Canadian R&B duo dvsn has returned with a song that may just have you contemplating sending a text to your ex, called “What’s Up” featuring Jagged Edge.

If you tuned into the artist’s last single, “If I Get Caught Cheating,” this new arrival is a continuation of that, with the accompanying music video revealing the dire and often heartbreaking consequences that come along with infidelity.

“This song was made by us alongside Jermaine Dupri and Bryan-Michael Cox at a time when we were looking for the perfect way to describe the moments and emotions leading up to that late night text you know you shouldn’t send to someone,” dvsn shared in a statement.

“Please don’t mix this song with alcohol and pre-block anyone you know you shouldn’t be talking to. You have 30 mins,” they teased on Twitter ahead of the track’s debut at midnight.

Stream “What’s Up” on Spotify below, and tap back in with HNHH later for more music updates.

Quotable Lyrics:

Who told you it’s okay to not call me by now?
Who told you you should be at these parties right now?
I know you’re only actin’ happy publicly
You could’ve called me if you needed company

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