MC Eiht Recalls The “One Interaction” He Had With Suge Knight During DJ Quik Feud

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MC Eiht says that he only met Suge Knight one time and it was during his feud with DJ Quik. Eiht recalled meeting the infamous former Death Row Records CEO during a recent interview with The Art of Dialogue.

Eiht explained that the two only ever had one interaction with one another.

(Photo by Chad Buchanan/Getty Images for Moet USA)

“I wouldn’t say it was on a negative — back in the days, when I was having my little spat with Quik — this is way before we got cool […] Back in my heyday, I was a Crip; he was a Blood. Suge and them was Bloods. That was just the nature of Compton.”

From there, he explained that his mother and Suge’s mother both lived across the street from one another. One day, while Eiht was visiting his family, Suge pulled up on him.

“He told me to pull over and a couple of dudes walked up on my car, and he just wanted to tell me as far as the situation that was going down with me and Quik, the affiliations, it wouldn’t be trickled over into my mom’s place of residence.”

He added: “That was just the clarification I got from him that I didn’t have to worry about anything going down while my mom was living in their neighborhood.”

Eiht went on to explain that his feud with Quik essentially boiled down to their respective gang affiliations.

Check out Eiht’s conversation with The Art of Dialogue below.


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