Chris Brown Is In Awe Of Fan With Massive Portrait Tattoo

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Fans these days will go all out to show their dedication to, or receive the attention of, their favorite artists. There was a time when wearing a t-shirt of a musician showed just how much someone admired their music, but as generations move from one to the next, fans have been showing love in more inventive ways.

Tattoos have become a common form of expression as it isn’t difficult to find music lovers with permanent ink that gives a nod to their favorite songs, albums, concerts, or artists. Chris Brown is an icon who is bombarded with images of his fans paying homage, and he highlighted another in a recent post.

NEW YORK, NY – FEBRUARY 16: Chris Brown performs onstage during the “Between The Sheets” tour at Barclays Center of Brooklyn on February 16, 2015 in New York City. (Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for Live Nation)

Portrait tattoos require a level of commitment that not everyone has, especially for an artist that they don’t know personally. Yet, people feel so connected to Breezy that they regularly visit parlors in hopes of having something that connects them to the singer for life.

Brown highlighted a fan recently because the man’s tattoo was hard to ignore. “BRO WENT CRAZY [fire emoji],” he wrote alongside the image. The already-heavily tattooed fan inked Brown’s portrait on his head, right next to another tattoo of Michael Jackson.

There have been ongoing debates regarding whether or not MJ or CB is the King of Pop, but this guy made room for both on his dome.

Check it out below.

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