Symba Shares Advice He Received From Dr. Dre

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Symba says that working with Dr. Dre is about understanding what he’s trying to do, rather than recording over and over again. The Results Take Time rapper recently discussed what it’s like being in the studio with the legendary producer during an appearance on Apple Music 1’s Rap Life Radio.

The advice from Dre came after he heard Symba’s recent track, “Never End Up Broke, Pt. 2,” which features Pusha T.

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“I went over there and then I had played it for him. And you know Dre, he just got that ear,” Symba told Ebro Darden. “He starts tweaking things and [suggests], ‘You should do this. You should say it like this. Turn this. Make this verse better. Do this.’ So I went back in on the song, dialed up, and made it a little better.”

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He elaborated: “It’s not that he’ll make you rap it 50 times. What it is, is you have to be able to catch what he’s saying. So I’ve never rapped a verse 50 times with Dre. I done literally done three takes and been out of there. Because I can assess what it is, he’s saying. It’s not more so that he’s trying to get you to do it over and over. He wants you to act it out, so somebody can live through it with you.”

Symba’s latest project, Results Time Time, saw him teaming up with DJ Drama for an entire tracklist. The album sees the two connect with Pusha T, Roddy Ricch2 Chainz, and more.

Check out “Never End Up Broke Pt. 2” below.


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