Spice 1 Calls Out DJ Akademiks Over Disrespectful Comments

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Spice 1 voiced his frustration with DJ Akademiks in response to his comments on old rappers being “dusty.” Speaking with Art of Dialogue, Spice could be seen visibly upset while venting about the lack of respect for veterans of hip-hop.

When asked who his favorite new artists are, Spice went in: “After the disrespect to us as OGs, it’s hard to listen to n***a like that, to any of these motherfuckers. My heart was put into this rap shit and for a motherfucker to disrespect the game and us as far as what we started, it’s hard for me to even listen to any motherfuckers trying to come up ’cause I know I’m going to hear them say something about us, some funny ass shit, about how much money we don’t have.”

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From there, he brought out the recent drama with Akademiks: “Like that Akademiks bullshit. I gotta keep on that shit over and over again ’cause I can’t understand why a motherfucker would disrespect OGs like that and then people will sit there and let him do it. Somebody needs to slap the shit out that n***a. Slap this n***a. What the fuck you is you talkin’ bout? You wouldn’t know shit — if we didn’t lose, you n****s wouldn’t be winning. Period.”

He added: “For a motherfucker to sit up there and talk about how broke a n***a is or what he don’t got and how much money they do got…you need to get the shit slapped out of your ass.”

Spice is far from the first person to take issue with Akademiks as of late. Michael Rapaport, T.I.LL Cool J, and more have all called out the YouTuber. Akademiks had been speaking about NBA YoungBoy on his Twitch stream when he remarked that old rappers are “dusty.”

Check out Spice 1’s rant on DJ Akademiks below.


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