Megan Thee Stallion Slams Blogs For Pushing Negative Narrative: “It Gets Frustrating”

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Megan Thee Stallion has had her fair share of negative press since hitting the scene in 2019. Her pending lawsuit against former label 1501 Certified Ent., plus her upcoming trial against Tory Lanez are just two of the battles the Grammy Award winning star is currently battling. On a personal level, Megan has been open about her struggles with anxiety and depression, as well as how she uses work to cope with it.

“Black women, we have always had to put on a mask like everything is okay. We are usually who you lean on…we are usually everybody’s therapist,” she shared in an interview with Taraji P. Henson last year. On top of being an advocate for mental health, Megan is also very candid when it comes to body positivity.

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During a recent performance at the 2022 iHeart Music Festival over the weekend, Thee Stallion praised her own physique before performing her hit single “Body.” “I don’t know about y’all, but I love my body,” she shared. “I do what I want to with my body, when I want to with my body, with who I want to with my body. ‘Cause it’s who? My body.” While many fans praised the Houston hottie for sharing a positive message with the crowd, others criticized her comments, accusing the rapper of throwing shade at DaBaby — who recently claimed that he slept with Megan in 2020.

Shortly after her performance, the Traumazine star took to Twitter to clear the air about her body speech. “I feel like a lot of these blogs don’t post me until it’s something they know majority of their audience can dog pile on me for associated with some kind of negative narrative,” she tweeted. “Why is the way I start my performance to BODY damn near every show news NOW.”

Earlier this month, DaBaby alleged that he had an intimate relationship with Megan just before she was reportedly shot by Tory Lanez in July 2020. The Stallion has yet to confirm or deny the accusations head on.

Check out more of Megan’s tweets below.

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