Positive K says that he’s the reason Lyor Cohen signed Redman to Def Jam back in the 1990s. Speaking with HipHopDX for a recent interview, Positive K recalled how the rapper ended up on the label.

“I’m the one who got Redman signed and you can talk to Redman about that,” Positive K told the outlet. “Lyor wasn’t going to sign Redman. Erick Sermon got me on the phone with Lyor Cohen and said, ‘Yo, tell him about Redman.’ I said, ‘Lyor, if you have any brains in your head, you’re signing this guy.’ I rolled a blunt, played the demo and I was riding it around and I was the one who was messing with Lyor Cohen and Erick Sermon with that.”

Positive K Says Def Jam President Lyor Cohen Nearly Passed On Signing Redman
Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images

He continued: “I spoke to Redman. He was at MC Lyte’s house. They were going over some scripts and I spoke to him. He said, ‘I remember. I remember.’ Redman knows what time it is. I’m the muscle man.”

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Cohen has previously credited Redman with saving the now-iconic record label.

Positive K is best known for his 1989 collaboration with MC Lyte “I’m Not Havin’ It” and the 1992 hit “I Got A Man,” as well as having toured with Jay-Z. He recently shared a new single out titled “Nobody” and is touring the U.S. for his comedy routine.