Kid Cudi Says He’s Taking Skating Lessons From Tony Hawk

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Kid Cudi says that Tony Hawk is helping him learn to skate and that he’s documenting the experience.

Kid Cudi says that he’s relearning how to skate from Tony Hawk and that he’s been documenting “the whole thing” for fans to watch. Cudi announced that his first lesson with the legendary skateboarder is on Saturday on Twitter.

“Tony Hawk is gonna teach me to skate again,” Cudi wrote to his followers. “Its gonna take awhile to find my footing but im fuckin ready. Im documenting the whole thing. Come take the journey w me. First lesson today. Here we go bitch.”

Kid Cudi
Michael Hickey / Getty Images

After a fan mentioned also wanting to get back into skating but being 30 years old and unsure if their body can handle it, Cudi remarked, “I feel u!! Hahah.”

Cudi’s help from Tony Hawk comes ahead of the release of his next album, Entergalactic, which is due out later this month. The project will be released alongside the launch of his new Netflix show, which is inspired by the album.

“I hope it just sprinkles a little love in their life. I hope it makes people feel really good,” Cudi recently said of the project while speaking with Rolling Stone. “I hope people listen to it with their lover, or crushes or whoever and just vibe and connect with it and just go.”

Be on the lookout for Entergalactic on September 30.

Check out Cudi’s tweet below.






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