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Muni Long Shares “Public Displays Of Affection: The Album”


The project features some favorites like “Time Machine” and “Hrs and Hrs.”

She is a veteran in the industry but for many, Muni Long seems like a newcomer. The R&B maven has penned songs for some of our favorite artists over the years and while her resumé is a rare one, only recently have music lovers really been able to tap into Long’s talents as a solo artist. Her hit single “Hrs and Hrs” received viral fame and helped throw Muni’s name into the R&B ring as a formidable contender, and for this New Music Friday (September 23), she’s back with a new album.

Fans will quickly see that Public Displays of Affection: The Album has many fan favorites including the aforementioned viral hit along with “Time Machine” and “Cartier.” While it does fuse tracks listed on her Public Displays of Affection Too EP, we do see new songs that will certainly whet the appetite of audiences worldwide.

“I am a lover,” Muni explains. “I prefer to be kind. I believe in fairy tales. The reason Public Displays of Affection worked is because love was absent in R&B.” For that breakthrough project, Muni wanted to mimic the ebbs and flows of a relationship, dipping and diving between moods and sounds-which is real, because love can be tumultuous, too.

Stream Public Displays of Affection: The Album and let us know what you think.


    1. Conversation
    2. Cartier
    3. Crack
    4. Lemons
    5. Ain’t Easy
    6. To Do List
    7. Hrs & Hrs
    8. Plot Twist
    9. Plot Twist (Interlude)
    10. Time Machine
    11. Butterfly Effect
    12. The Words
    13. Pain
    14. Another
    15. No Signal
    16. No R&B
    17. IMU
    18. Baby Boo

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