Tony Yayo Details Having Bounty On His Head

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Tony Yayo confirms that his high-profile status created problems for him in jail.

Tony Yayo recently opened up about having a bounty on his head in the midst of 50 Cent’s feuds. The rapper appeared on Vlad TV recently where he discussed the surge in deaths among rappers in places like L.A. before relating it to the dangers he faced during his career.

“Have you ever known to have money on your head?” Vlad asked Tony Yayo, who confirmed that he was aware of having bounties placed on him.

Tony Yayo and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson pose during a ceremony honoring 50 Cent with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on January 30, 2020 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Leon Bennett/Getty Images)

“I don’t want to say the amount, but like I said, n***as always say we glorify the shit. I believe I had money on my head in jail. I had money on my head in the street. I don’t glorify none of that shit ’cause it’s real,” he said before adding that he had several issues with other incarcerated people during his tenure in jail.

“I was a high-profile n***a. If you a high-profile n***a in jail, shit, anything can happen. A little squabble but it wasn’t nothing series,” he added.

Earlier in the interview, Yayo discussed the tragic murder of Lul PabQuando Rondo‘s friend who was shot in Los Angeles. Yayo explained that L.A. is a “no-fly zone” and urged rappers to remain cautious when traveling across the globe.

“For every rapper around the world, it’s a no-fly zone anywhere you go. That’s it, it’s a no-fly zone. You gotta be careful. That’s all it comes down to,” he continued. He explained that 50 Cent bought three bulletproof vehicles at the height of G-Unit‘s popularity for himself, Yayo, and Lloyd Banks. Yayo added that he thinks more rappers should consider making that investment if they’re moving around a lot.

Check the interview below.

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