Irv Gotti Reviews Lil Baby Documentary: “Free Young Thug”

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“This man motivated Lil Baby.”

The success of Lil Baby‘s documentaryUntrapped: The Story Of Lil Baby is still growing by the day. The Amazon Prime film has earned Lil Baby several new fans, while still catering to the yearning of his loyal fan base. Irv Gotti recently spoke about his love for the Atlanta rapper after watching his critically acclaimed life story.


The Murder Inc. CEO shared a clip of Lil Baby‘s documentary to his Instagram page, along with a lengthy caption, giving the rapper his props. “My sons told me I need to watch this @lilbaby Doc. So I’m watching it. And I get compelled to post.” Irv continued on, “1. I love seeing ni***as come from nothing. And take care of they families. I already fucked with Lil Baby. But now it’s through the roof. And 2. WHY THE F*** IS @thuggerthugger1 IN PRISON.”

The 52-year old producer went on to champion for Thugger’s release, adding, “This man motivated Lil Baby. He seen the star in him before Lil Baby did. And held him down. FREE YOUNG THUG. FREE YOUNG THUG. FREE YOUNG THUG. For real.” Gotti’s post comes on the heels of Jay-Z praising the CEO for bringing out the best in his artists. “I think that he’s someone who can like, lock a room and make you believe,” Hov shared. Almost like, Phil Jackson, got the best of out of [Michael] Jordan, got the best out of Kobe. He didn’t do it once, he did it multiple times. We can all dream, but to figure it out and get it done at the highest level—you know, few of us are gonna accomplish that feat.”

As for Young Thug, he was recently denied bail for a third time in his Georgia RICO case. His trial is set to take place in January 2023.

Catch Untrapped: The Story Of Lil Baby available now on Amazon Prime.

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