Maintaining longevity in the entertainment industry isn’t an easy feat. When many hopefuls enter the industry, they hope for riches, fame, and a long and successful career, but far more often than not, we see people get their 15 minutes before they’re replaced with the next shiny new toy. This happens often in Hip Hop as new artists emerge and receive their viral hit or much-talked-about project until someone else enters the game and steals their attention.

Fans of Rap across the globe have their lists of favorite artists and we regularly covered conversations regarding who deserves “Top 10” spots or inclusion in GOAT discussions. While visiting All The SmokeMaino bestowed flowers to Fat Joe for being a figure that has been able to remain relevant with this many decades under his belt.

Jerod Harris / Stringer / Getty Images

The reason why I really admire Fat Joe, it’s ’cause it’s something about him that he never dies,” said Maino. “And I’m inspired by that. He’s lasted eras. He’s been around longer than anybody and he is still just as potent, just as popular, just as relevant as he was in the ’90s. That right there—so, he’s definitely in my Top 5.”

Jim Jones was also a guest during this episode and can be heard agreeing with Maino‘s take about their fellow New York City hitmaker. Even though it’s a brief mention, it’s always good to see rappers praise one another for the culture. Fat Joe reacted to this clip on the Hip Hop Wolf‘s Instagram page by commenting, “One time for THE REAL ONES [praying hands emoji].”

Check it out below.