It has been said that Nicki Minaj and Cardi B have long buried the hatchet on their beef, but their fanbases won’t let the drama rest. At every turn for the hitmakers, many of their fans make sure to somehow create division between the two. Both Minaj and Cardi have been enjoying the fruits of their labor and continue to reach new heights in their careers, and these days, they don’t speak on one another in order to keep the peace.

Yet, they can’t avoid the trolls attempting to create femcee chaos, and it was something that Three 6 Mafia icon Gangsta Boo made clear she didn’t want any part of during her appearance on Drink Champs.

Noreaga stirred the pot by asking, “Nicki Minaj or Cardi B?” to which Gangsta Boo answered that she’d rather take a drink than tackle the question. “They fans too crazy!” she said.

“Literally, straight up, I respect both of them for they hustle,” said Boo. “Them hoes some hardworking b*tches. Shout out… I ain’t finna get into it. The Barbz or Bardi Gang, hell nah.” The hosts couldn’t help but laugh at the reaction.

Like other Drink Champs appearances, Gangsta Boo’s interview was filled with gems about her career, including the Three 6 MafiaVerzuz with Bone Thugs that went left.

Check it out below.