One of the most exciting new albums to arrive in the rap category this weekend came from Louisville-born artist EST Gee, who dropped off his I Never Felt Nun project at midnight on Friday (September 16).

The 28-year-old kept his list of features short, working alongside names like FutureBryson Tiller, and Jeezy, as well as fellow Kentucky native Jack Harlow, and rapper-turned-rocker Machine Gun Kelly – both of whom raised some eyebrows amongst fans with their presence on the 21-song-long tracklist.

Machine Gun Kelly in 2015 — Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Harlow’s appearance on “Backstage Passes” has since emerged as an obvious fan favourite, though social media looks to be divided on Colson Baker’s return to hip-hop during his feature on “Death Around The Corner.”

The 32-year-old gets vulnerable on his verse, spitting, “I lost all of my emotions the minute I watched my father die in front of me / I had to take the knife out of my back from someone who was like a son to me,” and closing out with “I know the block loud with the keyboards, but in real life, they sus / They said I’m rocked now ’til we rock out with the Glocks out / Let it bust.”

While some loyal MGK fans expressed excitement over seeing him return to his flow from much earlier in his career, others appeared to be confused by Gee’s artist selection for his roster of features.

Check out Twitter’s reaction below, and stream I Never Felt Nun here.