Fat Joe Tells Charlamagne Tha God That The Murder Of Rappers Is Rooted In Jealousy

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While speaking on the slaying of PNB Rock, the Bronx icon also condemned criticism rappers receive for not leaving the hood.

It isn’t difficult to find a quote from a rapper lamenting that being an influential figure in Hip Hop makes them a target. The senseless murder of PNB Rock has cemented those statements for some, and we’ve seen, once again, an influx of similar takes from artists. Yesterday (September 15), Fat Joe appeared on Livestream where he discussed why thieves find it necessary to kill someone after robbing them, calling those criminals “evil.”

The Bronx icon shared similar remarks while visiting Hell Of A Week with Charlamagne Tha God. “Rappers are the endangered species,” said Fat Joe in a clip of the episode.

“We gettin’ hit up by the police, hit up by the feds, and we gettin’ hit up by our own for being in our hood, tryin’ to show love,” he continued. “So, it’s so dangerous to be a rapper these days. It’s the hardest job out there right now, because they comin’ at you either way. Either way, they tryin’ to put you in jail, or your own people tryin’ to kill you.”

“And so, what happens is, people get mad at themselves. They get mad that they didn’t accomplish stuff in life. They look at themselves, they say, ‘Damn, I’m 40 years old, 50 years old, I ain’t got nothin’.’ Here come this brother, got a beautiful wife, a beautiful family, he’s doin’ good for himself, he’s talented. I might as well just kill him.”

Fat Joe also spoke about being a rapper who has established businesses in the hood, but noted that if something happened to him in front of one of those locations, he would be called dumb for staying in that area by critics.

Watch clips from Fat Joe‘s appearance on Hell Of A Week with Charlamagne That God below.

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