Saweetie Believes She “Blew Up Too Quick,” Wants To Prioritize Music

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She’s stacked up brand deals and campaigns but felt like she was neglecting time in the studio.

By now, Saweetie’s fans have all but given up on ever receiving her official debut album. Pretty B*tch Music was expected years ago but one delay after another has pushed back its release. Saweetie has promised that she’s working on creating the best album possible and she has even teased new tracks, but there is still confusion regarding when it can be expected.

Meanwhile, Saweetie previously shared that she was locked in, working on a “boot camp” of sorts to sharpen her skills. That announcement came during a time when her live performances came under scrutiny, and she recently told Yung Miami why she decided to take a step back.

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Although she first began sharing posts of herself rapping approximately a decade ago, Saweetie didn’t first begin to make waves until 2017. During her Caresha Please interview, she spoke about taking some time to herself and feeling as if fame came a bit too quickly.

“Like I said, I was doin’ a lot of soul searchin’. I was in the studio, and I really just wanted to take time to really become a artist,” she claimed.

“I felt like I blew up too quick,” Saweetie continued. “To the point where like, I was being booked for shows, for campaigns, for brands, and no one really cared about me being in the studio. And like, my love for music kinda just got put on the backside, so I really wanted to focus on my artistry because I never had the opportunity to do that.”

“So, me laying low was just me just working.”

Check out Saweetie and Yung Miami on Caresha Please below.

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