Lil Kim Pens Sweet Message To PNB Rock: “I Was Truly A Fan”

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Queen Bee posted a photo of the slain rapper rocking a shirt with her iconic 1996 “Hard Core” album cover on the front.

Since PNB Rock’s senseless murder earlier this week, celebs have flocked to social media to share their thoughts, prayers and condolences to the late star and his family. Everyone from Cardi B and Nicki Minaj to Drake and Meek Mill took to social media to honor the slain rapper’s life. Rick Ross also weighed on the fatal robbery at Roscoe’s Chicken & Waffles in Los Angeles that left the 30-year old rapper dead.

PNB Rock in 2019- Amy Sussman/Getty Images for BET

“We had another young legend loose they life,” the Wing Stop owner shared in a video. “Senseless violence. A young king should be able to eat a waffle with his family without losing about his own.” Trippie Redd, who was a close friend and collaborator with PNB, urged record labels to provide security for their artists, sharing, “I want all my friends to start having a guard or 2 it honestly should be on the label to get u protection.”

Lil Kim is the latest celeb to pen a public message following PNB’s untimely death. “Wow. I’ve been thinking about U since the whole incident happened and I kept saying to myself this is so sad,” Kim wrote. “Because U were so talented and seemed like a really nice person. It wasn’t one song of yours that I did not like. Even tho I never got the pleasure of meeting U. I was truly a fan.”

The Queen Bee posted a photo of the slain rapper rocking a shirt with her iconic 1996 Hard Core album cover on plastered on the front. “And for my fans to send me this pic of U rocking my t-shirt just solidifies the connection. I pray for your family and may God take U in his arms. Rest in Heaven Angel.” Kim’s post on the heels of her “Plan B (Remix)” verse being pulled from the Internet after fans thought she was targeting Nicki Minaj.

Lil Kim immediately denied such claims, however, it didn’t stop the Barbz and 50 Cent from targeting her. RIP to PNB Rock. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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