Drake Buys $100K Championship Rings After Winning His Rec Basketball League

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Drake loves to win.

Drake is a massive basketball fan. The man can be seen courtside at nearly any Toronto Raptors game, and he’s been training his son in the ways of the sport for years. He’s also an avid player, and is deeply passionate about hooping in his SBL Recreational Basketball League.

The Toronto rapper recently won the championship in the league for the second year in a row, and now he’s celebrating in a big way. In an Instagram Story, Champagne Papi showed off a massive championship ring which reportedly costs about $100,000. “Better luck next year,” he wrote over the image.

Drake enlisted Jason of Beverly Hills to help create the massive diamond-studded rings for the championship team. Jason did the rings last year as well, but those were only for $50,000. Twice the championships, twice the price. In 2019, Jason of Beverly Hills also did a $150,000 ring for Drake to commemorate the Raptors championship. That ring had more diamonds than any other in NBA history, with over 30 carats total.

This year’s championship ring is a bit more modest. It features 15 carats of diamonds, with two large ones in its center to highlight the two back-to-back wins.

“As someone who wishes I could play ball professionally I respect Drake for making his dream a reality with his own league,” Jason Arasheben said. “We always have a good time when we work together and it has been fun working on these championship rings with him the last three years.”

The designer went on to add, “Drake had a clear vision of what he wanted and we worked really well together to make that happen. I enjoy the challenge of telling the story of the season and incorporating everything into the design and onto a ring, while still using as many diamonds as possible.”


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