106 & Park was one of the most iconic music-related television shows. Created in 2000, the series was centered around hip hop and R&B music videos, airing them in a countdown format. The hit show premiered during the week on BET and was the network’s highest-rated show throughout its 14-year run.

For the viewers, 106 & Park was a part of their daily routine and played a vital role in their upbringing. For the musicians, it was a way for their art to be shared with the world. For the hosts, the show allowed them to connect viewers to what they loved most– music. A.J. Calloway, one of the show’s first hosts, hopped on Instagram to honor the show, as it aired 22 years ago today.

KMazur/Getty Images

Calloway shared an image of him and his former co-host, Marie “Free” Wright. In the post’s caption, he shared a lengthy message where he touched on the show’s impact and how it originated. “… a show was born out of a little studio on the corner of 106 and Park Ave. in NYC,” he wrote. The 48-year-old went on to say that he was unaware how much it would shape hip-hop culture.

He added that being in love with his people was key to the show’s success. “Our culture, our clothes, our customs, our food, our music, everything about us! I have and will always be in love [with] the beauty of the direct descendants of Africa,” he wrote.

Continuing, he gave a shoutout to Free and claimed that their story wasn’t over yet. “I think the culture needs a little more love again,” he added.

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