The death of Queen Elizabeth II on Thursday (September 8) sent shockwaves around the world. Some people on social media, however, were mourning the wrong queen.

According to Hip-HopDX, Queen Latifah has been trending since the British monarch’s passing. Apparently, the confusion stemmed from one tweet which went viral. “I told my mama the Queen died, she talking about ‘LATIFAH ????’” wrote @JadeForeverr_, and her post has since seen almost 40 thousand retweets and 275 thousand likes.

Luckily, Queen Latifah is alive and well. As TMZ notes, the Newark rapper and actor doesn’t even die in movies. She told James Corden a while ago that she had a “no death” clause in her film contracts so her characters would never get killed or pass away in any movie she did. “When I first started doing movies, I always had these death scenes,” she told Corden. “Apparently I died too well. And then I caught on, like wait a minute, if I die in these movies, I can’t be in the sequel!”

Meanwhile, many others are mourning the actual death of Queen Elizabeth II. The monarch was the longest-serving in British history, having just recently rung in her 70th year has queen. Her son, Charles III, is now king. “The death of my beloved mother, Her Majesty The Queen, is a moment of the greatest sadness for me and all members of my family,” he said in a speech. “We mourn profoundly the passing of a cherished Sovereign and a much-loved mother. I know her loss will be deeply felt throughout the country, the Realms and the Commonwealth, and by countless people around the world.”

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