Kanye West Confronts 50 Cent Over Kim Kardashian Diarrhea Post

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Kanye wasn’t laughing at 50 Cent’s IG post about his ex-wife

Kanye has said a lot of things on Instagram recently. He’s mourned Queen Elizabeth’s death, berated Adidas and encouraged others to do the same, challenged Instagram’s guidelines, talked about his favorite music, and much, much more. There’s one thing, however, he didn’t say, and he set the record straight with 50 Cent.

On Friday, 50 shared a doctored post which had been making the rounds on the internet. It was styled to look like it was from West’s Instagram. “Kim has diarrhea a lot,” the post read. “Like way more than a normal person should have it.” 50 Cent then captioned the fake post. “What the f**k make you do this, smh,” he wrote. “Not liquor nah. That boy on dat branson!”

Kanye was quick to respond in 50’s comment section. “I ain’t write this bro,” he wrote. 50 Cent has since deleted the post.

Kanye had already disavowed the fake message, writing on his own account that it wasn’t real but that he appreciated comedy. The doctored post prompted Ye to begin talking about his own favorite comedians. Some of the best, he said, were, “Me Mitch Hedberg Anthony Jeselnik Louis CK Jerrod Carmichael Deray JP Smooth Mase Elon Musk 50 Justin LaBoy GLC Eddie Murphy Sakiya Sandifer Chris Rock Larry David Kevin Hart (In Jumanji) and of course King David Dave Chapelle.”

As of writing, West has cleaned up his account after spending weeks on IG calling out a plethora of enemies. Now, the only post on the account is a photo of model wearing new Yeezy sunglasses. Ye didn’t include a caption.


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