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Cordae & Hit-Boy Are Back At It Again With “Checkmate”



The new collab appears on the “Madden 23” soundtrack.

With the football season kicking off, Cordae and Hit-Boy have an anthem to commemorate the occasion. The rapper and producer connected on “Checkmate” earlier today, a victorious anthem highlighting the competitive nature of hip-hop. Hit-Boy’s production feels equally nostalgic and triumphant while Cordae issues a firm reminder to his detractors of how he’s living these days.

The new single from Cordae and Hit-Boy is included on the Madden ’23 soundtrack.

During our cover story interview with Hit-Boy earlier this year, he revealed that he and Cordae have a lot of heat in the stash.

“Again, I’ve probably got like an EP’s worth of s**t with Cordae,” he said. “You know, he’s a ‘rapper’ rapper, so he freestyles like to every beat. Then he’ll catch a vibe and be like, ‘Yeah this the one. Let’s load this up or I’m going to take this with me and do it at my studio,’” Hit-Boy explained. “That’s what happened. He started ‘Sinister’ at my studio, recorded a part of it, took it with him and just flushed it out then put Wayne on it.”

Check out their new collab below.

Quotable Lyrics
TMZ pull up, spit on the camera like ‘Pac would do
Hope you n***as caught the right angle, hypotenuse
I’m in DR on a big yacht with the prostitutes
Boy, stop, I’m just living out my real truth
Hundreds real blue, strips on ’em still new

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