Jay-Z Marvels At How Irv Gotti Brings Out The Best In His Artists

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Hov compared Gotti to how Phil Jackson “got the best out of Jordan, got the best out of Kobe.”

We’re rounding out BET’s Murder Inc docuseries as it edges closer to its end. The world has been taken on a ride through the ups and downs of the once-dominating label that had R&B and Rap in a chokehold with artists like Ashanti and Ja Rule taking over the charts. A little legal hiccup with federal authorities would be the catalyst to its downfall, but the impact that Murder Inc has on Rap culture is unwavering.

The docuseries hosted a rare appearance from Jay-Z who reminisced on that era of entertainment. He recalled helping Irv Gotti come up with his nickname and revisited memories of yesteryear, but another Hov highlight showed the Roc Nation icon praising Irv for how he handled his artists.

“I think that he’s someone who can like, lock a room and make you believe,” said Jay.

“Like, ‘No, you’re the greatest in the world!’ Almost like, Phil Jackson, got the best of out of [Michael] Jordan, got the best out of Kobe,” he continued. “He didn’t do it once, he did it multiple times. We can all dream, but to figure it out and get it done at the highest level—you know, few of us are gonna accomplish that feat.”

Despite their falling out decades ago, Jay-Z and Irv Gotti have a deep respect for one another and a friendship that has withstood the tests of time—and the industry.

Check out the clip of Jay-Z praising Irv below.

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