Funk Flex Debuts Unreleased DMX Track From The Vaults

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The legendary New York DJ blessed fans with unreleased music from the late star.

Funk Flex gave DMX fans the gift they didn’t know they needed on Thursday night (September 8). After challenging Swizz Beatz to dig into X’s unreleased music vault, the famed New York City debuted a never before heard track that samples Big Daddy Kane’s 1988 song “Ain’t No Half-Steppin.” In true Funk Flex fashion, he played a snippet of the track as before he hopped on the mic to hype it up. “Unreleased, we don’t know when it’s coming out,” he shared.

DJ Funkmaster Flex attends Summer Jam 2019 – Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images

Swizz could also be heard on the record, chanting, “When I say DMXy’all say, ‘The great.‘” The track comes less than a week after Flex challenged the Bronx born producers to share some of Darkman X‘s unreleased music. “I’m going to put pressure on [Swizz Beatz] today. I heard that there are several unreleased, never coming out DMX songs. Swizz Beatz doesn’t know that I know because someone ratted on you, Swizz.”

Flex wouldn’t let up on Swizz, who was vacationing in Arabia at the time. “Swizz Beatz, I know you’re in Arabia,” Flex said on air. “I understand you’re on the private jet and I know what’s happening… New York City, just so you know, Swizz Beatz has the studio on the jet. I challenge you in six days to get me one of those DMX songs. That’s what New York City wants, that’s what Yonkers wants.” Fortunately, the legendary hit maker came through, and gave the people what they wanted.

One year after his death and fans are still grieving the loss of the late great DMXClueless actress Stacey Dash went viral earlier this month after publicly breaking down from recently finding out the news of X’s passing. “I know I am late, i did not know he passed away, he #OD I am heartbroken – he was such a great guy,” Stacey shared. Share your thoughts DMX’s unreleased snippet.

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