Punch Breaks Down Kendrick Lamar’s “Control” Verse: “He’s Saying He’s Pac & Biggie”

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The TDE President spoke about K.Dot calling himself the King of New York on Big Sean’s 2013 record.

TDE has gone through many changes over the last few years. With the delay of SZA’s sophomore album and the departure of the label’s marquee artistKendrick Lamar — many fans pointed the finger at Top Dawg Entertainment President Punch. In July, Punch spoke about the future of his independent label after all the changes, sharing, “The goal is to build an artist to what they want to do.” He added, “[Leaving the label] is what Kendrick wanted to do, so we helped build him to it. That’s not a negative at all. It’s actually a positive, because he’s leveling up.”


Although the TDE President does most of his work behind the scenes, it’s not rare for him to publicly share his thoughts as a fan of his label signees. Punch recently spoke about Kendrick Lamar deeming himself the King of New York on Big Sean‘s “Control” record. “He was saying he was Pac and Biggie,” Punch shared, adding, “That was a Kurupt bar originally. Kurupt was referencing that he was Frank White. So Kendrick was giving praise to that, then took it in his own direction.”

Back in 2013, Kendrick weighed in on the responses he received from the controversial verse, saying, “It’s not about what coast, it’s not about what side we on. It’s about being as great as Biggie and Pac, the two cats that I reference from jump. I feel like student of the work they did. I would never try to take the history from what Pac and BIG laid. And, to keep it 100 with you, Snoop will always be number 1.”

As for where his relationship with Kendrick stand’s following the star’s departure from TDE, Punch told Complex in July, “The only emotion really is happiness and joy. We did it. We reached a certain level that nobody reached. That’s it, job well done.”

Check out Punch breaking down K. Dot’s “Control Verse” below.


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