Offset Teases Collaboration With His Son For Upcoming Album

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Offset performed his new singles, “Code” and “54321,” on “The Tonight Show” and hinted at working with his son for his upcoming album.

Offset says that his eldest son, Jordan, has gotten into making beats and that he may even collaborate with him for his upcoming solo album. Speaking with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, the Migos rapper spoke about his upcoming project and performed his new singles, “Code” and “54321.”

“We was in the house and I went downstairs and he was on the computer and I heard, like, a beat being made,” Offset recalled to Fallon. “So I looked … and he making a beat. And I’m just listening so I record him and then I posted it. And everybody was like, ‘Oh, this hard.’”

Offset, Tonight Show
Ser Baffo / Getty Images

Offset added that he “had no clue” his son was into making beats and revealed: “I’m just trying to let him get nice and seasoned and then I’m probably gon’ do something with him for the album.”

Offset also spoke about his involvement with the HBO Max series The Hype, as well as his younger son Wave’s recent birthday party.

One topic not addressed in the show was Offset‘s future as a member of the Migos. While he, Quavo, and Takeoff have stated that they are focusing on their individual careers at this point, rumors have still run rampant about whether the trio is breaking up.

Check out Offset‘s appearance on The Tonight Show below.


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