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Bryson Tiller Takes On Ying Yang Twins Sample On “Outside”



Bryson Tiller returns with his latest single, “Outside.”

It looks like a new album from Bryson Tiller will be arriving soon. The R&B singer’s teased a new body of work to follow-up his 2021 holiday album, A Different Christmas, over the past few weeks but he recently confirmed a new single would be arriving. Given that he hasn’t dropped too much music this year, with the exception of a few features, fans were curious to hear what direction he’d be going on his next album.

Today, he gave fans a first glimpse of what to expect with the release of “Outside.” Produced by Jack Uriah, Neil Dominique, Vinylz, and Wow Jones, the upbeat record finds Bryson Tiller tackling a familiar sample from Ying Yang Twins‘ “Whisper Song.” However, he ditches the overt raunchy lyrical content for a sultry bop that’s bound to soundtrack the fall days.

Check out the latest from Bryson Tiller below.

Quotable Lyrics
No plans to unknown plans
You don’t need a man, you got your own bands
No kid money, these grown bands
Had to wake ’em up, they sleepin’

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