KXNG Crooked & Joell Ortiz Are Fielding Suggestions For The Name Of Their Duo

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Fans have the opportunity to help KXNG Crooked and Joell Ortiz come up with a name to use as a duo.

KXNG Crooked says that he and Joell Ortiz are fielding ideas from fans as for the name to use when releasing music as a duo. The former Slaughterhouse rapper explained that, despite having three projects together, they’ve yet to come up with an official name for themselves.

“Yo, man. I’m just sittin’ here thinking,” Crooked said from his BMW in a video posted on Twitter. “We’re working on our third official project, me and Joell, right? We had H.A.R.D., Housing Authority Rap District, Rise and Fall of Slaughterhouse and now, Harbor City: Season One. We done did three official projects, and we don’t have an official name for the duo yet.”

He added: “I really want y’all to give me some ideas that I can take back to Joell.”

Crooked, Joell
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“Give me some ideas for the group, the name for this duo,” he continued. “You know, I’m from Long Beach. He from Brooklyn. Ain’t too many groups composed of an East Coast and a West Coast cat. I don’t know, give me some creative suggestions please ’cause we ain’t got a name!”

Crooked later revealed some of the favorites he’s received since posting the video, telling HipHopDX that the top choices so far are, “Crook & Joell, Brother’s Keeper, Halfway House, LBC2BK, H.A.R.D., Roommates (lol), The Duplex (lol), Coast Guards, Hardy Boyz, and Tha Indispensable.”

The currently unnamed duo’s newest effort, Harbor City: Season One, is scheduled for release on September 16.

Check out Crooked’s video below.




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