DJ Akademiks Wanted To Sign Fivio Foreign But Mase Wouldn’t Take Anything Under $1 Million

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He claims that he was cool with $500K, but a million was a bit too rich for his blood.

It came as a surprise to Hip Hop fans when they learned that Mase was one of the first to sign Fivio Foreign. The revelation caused a bit of controversy after it was suggested that Fivio received a $5,000 advance, but Mase later explained that when he helped the rapper get his record deal, Fivio received a hefty check. Later came international stardom as a leading rapper in the New York Drill scene.

In a recent chat with VladTV, DJ Akademiks added that he had “an experience with that situation.” He said, “So, I had a joint venture label where I sign artists, I still sign artists but new artists are too much and make too much money not dealing with it so why even do a deal with a bunch of demons, right? But anyway, I was trying to look into signing a couple of artists and I remember at the time, Fivio was poppin’.”

Fivio Foreign
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Akademiks claimed that he didn’t see much movement around Fivio other than the buzz he was receiving, so he decided to step in.

“I hit my lawyer and I said, ‘Yo, I wanna sign this guy.’ Now, I said, ‘Yo, we gotta probably reach out and get some meetings and I guess my lawyer knew someone who was a direct contact to his lawyer and they got in touch. Now, granted, I had no idea Mase was in this situation ’til he came back and said, ‘Well, he does have a situation with Mase,’ and I’m like, ‘Is he still looking for a deal?’ He said, ‘Yes, he still is looking for a deal.'”

The remainder of the conversation didn’t go as Akademiks as planned, so he “bowed out.” Akademiks said he never actually met with Fivio because “his lawyer came back and said, ‘They’re not taking nothing under—like, Mase and them won’t take nothing under a million dollars.'” The blogger thought he was going to be able to squeeze by with half a million, but he applauded “Mase’s value” because Fivio ended up with a reported $1.5 million dollar deal with Columbia Records.

“I don’t think [Fivio] gets that deal without Mase,” Akademiks added. “Do I think he gets a deal? Absolutely, but is it that value? No.”

Check out more from this clip of the conversation below.

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