Charlamagne Tha God Questions Why People Are Ranking Jay-Z’s Best Verses

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The radio host believes there are far too many stellar Hov bars in Jay-Z’s catalog.

A debate that seems to have no end in sight is that centered around Jay-Z’s verse on DJ Khaled’s “God Did.” The track arrived on the album of the same name and also featured looks from John Legend, Fridayy, Lil Wayne, and Rick Ross. “God Did” receive wide praise from Hip Hop fans and it didn’t take long for discussions about Hov’s verse to make the rounds. Some argued that Jay-Z’s bars were the best of his career, while others, including Joe Budden, weren’t so quick to agree.

The topic reached The Breakfast Club who added their two cents to the conversation. “Why are people ranking this Hov verse?” questioned Charlamagne Tha God. “I don’t think you can rank Hov’s verses, there’s too many that are great, if not better, than this ‘God Did’ verse, so how do you even get to thinking about ranking them?”

It was suggested that this verse received more attention due to Jay being in his 50s while remaining a relevant artist in a new generation of Hip Hop.

“I think that’s what’s amazing to people, ’cause to me, the verse is really great, but here’s the thing,” Charlamagne began. “Jay-Z is really great. He’s been consistently really great for a long time, so when people say, ‘Oh my God! This is one of Hov’s greatest verses of all time!’ it’s like, of course it is. Hov has got a bunch of verses that are his greatest of all time, and that’s why he’s considered the greatest of all time.”

“I never in my life thought of what Jay’s greatest verse of all time is cause there’s too many,” he continued. ” I have my personal favorites, but to say what the greatest of all time is that constantly changes cause Jay-Z has a verse for every situation in life.”

Charlamagne suggested that anything from someone’s mood or current life situation could influence what Hov rhymes are considered to be the Rap mogul’s best. Check out The Breakfast Club weighing in below.

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