Aries Spears Calls This Generation Of Hip Hop “Garbage” & “Dumpster Juice”

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He says if you put ’90s rappers up against this generation, “you would literally have the ’92 Dream Team versus the Special Olympics.”

From one generation to the next, Hip Hop has faced criticism. The current state of Rap culture has been taking hits from “Old Heads” who believe that this generation of artists isn’t carrying the lyrical torch of their predecessors, often making for social media debates about which era dominates over the other. It’s clear that the evolution of Hip Hop has rubbed a few people the wrong way, including Aries Spears who clearly isn’t a fan of newer music.

In an interview, Spears was asked how he felt about this generation of Hip Hop. “Garbage!” said the comedian. “I mean, other than Kendrick LamarJ. Cole…garbage.”

Aries Spears
Ethan Miller / Staff / Getty Images

“If you took the emcees of my era, from the ’90s, I named some of ’em—Biggie, Jay-Z, NasDMXJadakiss, Big Pun, Big L—you put them up against this young generation of rappers, you would literally have the ’92 Dream Team versus the Special Olympics. Spottemgottem, f*ckin’ Lil Nas X, f*ckin’…who else are the rest of these n*ggas? The Island Boys, Tekashi 6ix9ine, all them n*ggas look like Tim Burton Batman villains.”

“F*ck outta here! Them n*ggas is garbage! Dumpster juice, n*gga!”

In other Aries Spears news, the comedian has been named in a lawsuit along with Tiffany Haddish. The pair are accused of grooming and molesting two siblings while filming sexually-charged skits. Haddish has responded to the allegations while Spears has remained silent, aside from denying the accusations via his legal team.

Check out Spears discussing this generation of Hip Hop below.

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