The Jack Harlow hype train has received some considerable pushback the past week. The Louisville rapper’s Song of the Summer VMAs win over Beyoncé, Drake, and Future caused huge uproar online, as well as some eye-rolls from people in the music industry. Then on Saturday (September 3), Harlow performed in front of an Ohio State crowd which was not feeling him at all.

This same performance, which was televised on ESPN’s College GameDay, got the attention of some trolls online. Harlow performed a clean version of his hit “First Class,” but one Twitter user saw an opportunity to make up a fake fact about the show. “Jack Harlow has been fined $1 Million following his performance of ‘First Class’ on College GameDay,” @S_CharlesNFL wrote. “ESPN states that his lyric of ‘I give her sweet, sweet, Semen’ was extremely unprofessional for live TV, and he had signed off on blurring that lyric out of his performance.”

Though it attracted lots of attention, the tweet was clearly false, as many fans pointed out that Harlow did in fact censor the lyric in question. Nevertheless, the “Churchill Downs” rapper got a kick out of the lie, and retweeted it himself.

After Harlow’s tepid performance, the rapper joined the hosts of GameDay and offered up his predictions for the games of the day. He quickly got off-topic, however, delving into a story about how he dated someone from Cincinnati and that was why he liked the Bearcats. All in all, it was an eventful TV appearance.

Check out Harlow’s GameDay performance below.