Tank recently reflected on Diddy’s controversial comments regarding the state of R&B while speaking as a guest at the Grammy Museum in Los Angeles for its conversation series, The Drop. At the event, Tank argued that listeners nowadays would rather hear “rappers singing bad than singers singing good.”

“Record labels are in this to make money,” Tank said when asked about Diddy‘s comments by an audience member. “Radio conglomerates are in this to make money. Venues are in this to make money. A rap record that was made for $2,500 in somebody’s basement sold a million copies. An R&B record made in the biggest studio in the world, had already spent $1.2 million, sold the same one million records.”

Paras Griffin / Getty Images

Diddy had infamously proclaimed R&B to be a “dead” genre, last month.

Tank added: “As rap takes over, all of a sudden melodic rap sneaks in. Now, people would rather hear rappers singing bad than singers singing good.”

The comments come less than a month after Tank shared his 10th studio album, R&B Money, which he described to the audience as “an uninterrupted sex tape.”

The discussion isn’t the first time that Tank has responded to Diddy‘s comments on R&B. Speaking with TMZ, earlier in the week, Tank admitted that the genre has “been on a decline.”

Other artists to fire back at Diddy for calling the genre “dead” include Brent Faiyaz, UsherChris BrownMary J. Blige, and more.