Logic has paid tribute to his Vinyl Verse Summer Tour partner, Wiz Khalifa, with a tattoo in his honor. In a video shared on Logic’s Instagram, Friday, the rapper surprises Khalifia with news of the tattoo.

“For me, this tattoo is bigger than just like, ‘Oh, I like Wiz Khalifa,’” Logic explains while getting the piece done. “This is like a thank you, showing reverence, respect and love to the man who changed my perception of what is possible — and he got that big dick.”

“That’s awesome, man,” Khalifa says in response.

Logic, Wiz
Theo Wargo / Getty Images

Logic continues: “I told you! Remember I was like, ‘I got a surprise?’ I was like, ‘I can’t give it to you but it’ll last forever.’”

“That’s a fucking riddle right there … That’s like the ultimate love,” Khalifa said.

Logic and Khalifa concluded the Vinyl Verse Summer Tour on Thursday night in St. Louis, Missouri. They had been performing shows together throughout North America since July.

The tour saw Logic perform songs off his new album, Vinyl Days, which was released back in June. The project features collaborations with DJ PremierRZA, Royce da 5’9, The Game, and more, in addition to Khalifa.

Check out Logic‘s Taylor Gang tattoo below.