Rick Ross Says NBA YoungBoy Left A Tiger Cub At His House

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Meek Mill brought YoungBoy over for a visit and Rozay ended up with a “small cat” that developed into something else altogether.

When visiting a friend’s home, it’s not uncommon to accidentally leave something behind, but a tiger is another story. Rick Ross is always filled with sagas from his travels, career, or interactions with his fellow rap stars. While on BS with Jake Paul, the Florida icon shared a tale with a plot that sounded like a joke that begins with two rappers and a tiger cub coming over for a visit.

Meek Mill brought NBA YoungBoy over to the Promised Land one night,” Ross said of the rappers visiting his home. “NBA YoungBoy had a small cat. I’m not sure—it felt like a little tiger.”

Rick Ross
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“Some kinda way, it ended up at the Promised Land. Small tiger. I liked the tiger, the tiger liked me,” Rozay continued. “It’s NBA YoungBoy’s tiger. I went out of town for two weeks, came back, fed the tiger. Noticed the tiger’s nails were a little sharp. No problem, I liked the tiger, the tiger likes me. Go outta town, come back two weeks later, the tiger’s f*ckin’ nails are f*ckin’ out of control.”

“Everybody’s scared to feed the f*ckin’ tiger. Now, it’s a tiger, for real!… Every time I come back, it’s different.” Ross said he tried to take care of the animal, but because no one could feed it, he took steps to have the wildcat removed from his home.

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