Constructive criticism can help build a creative into one of the greats, but when it comes to DrakeDJ Khaled believes he’s working with perfection. The OVO icon has become one of the leading rappers in the world, and each new release, even those where he acts as a guest, climbs the charts and becomes social media movements that shift pop culture.

During his chat with Elliott Wilson and Brian “B.Dot” Miller for Rap Radar, Khaled explained why he doesn’t change anything about a Drake track because according to the megaproducer, “I like what Drake likes!”

Drake, Lil Wayne, DJ Khaled
Kevin Winter / Staff / Getty Images

“I’m the guy that speaks what people are scared to say,” said Khaled. “In the music game, I’ma tell you the truth, and I’m surprised that nobody sayin’ it, ’cause I’ma say it: when you work with Drake… Even when you blessed to work with Drake, if he sends you something, it’s unbelievable.” He emphasized the word “unbelievable” to suggest that whenever Drizzy sends his verse back, it should be met with enthusiasm and praise, regardless what you may think.

“It’s facts, don’t fight it,” Khaled continued. “The other day I was mixin’, ‘Yo, how you like the mix,’ you know what I’m sayin’? Even if I wanted to turn the high-hat up, even if I thought this needed [something], I like what Drake like! Alright?! Even if this one part sounds—or I thought I could change…’Drake, you like that? I love it!’”

Khaled added that any rapper or singer who has the chance to work with Drake should also see it as a blessing. These remarks have sparked debates about some believing that this behavior simply feeds egos while others argue that when working with artists of a higher caliber, this should be how musicians operate.