Ari Lennox Drops “Away Message” EP Ft. Summer Walker

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The 5-track EP arrives a week ahead of Ari’s next album, “age/sex/location.”

You know Dreamville isn’t messing around with Ari Lennox‘s rollout when an EP arrives a week prior to the release of her full-length album. The DMV songbird has been a standout in the R&B scene in recent years, and she has found that her list of supporters has grown exponentially since the release of her debut, Shea Butter Baby.

Next week, Ari Lennox will finally release her anticipated record age/sex/location, however, she’s making sure her fans are getting as much music as possible by sharing her EP, Away Message. The five-track EP includes Lennox’s most recent release, “Queen Space,” which arrived with assistance from Summer Walker.

As far as age/sex/location is concerned, J. Cole recently shared a message from Ari as she explained what the album meant to her.

“No more tip toeing. No more docile,” she said. “Providing grace and compassion to myself. Blocking those that no longer serve me or just literally not responding. Blocking the resistance to heal. Allowing accountability and maturing. Allowing growth to happen. Allowing self worth and self love and inner work to happen. Allowing therapy. Allowing dating me to happen. Doing things I like to do whenever I want.”

Stream Away Message and let us know what you think, and stay tuned for age/sex/location‘s delivery on September 9.


  1. Queen Space ft. Summer Walker
  2. Tatted
  3. Gummy
  4. No Settling
  5. Bitter

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