We’ve gained much more insight about Murder Inc in recent months, thanks to Irv Gotti and the label’s current BET docuseries. The internet lit up when Gotti went on his promotional tour, often mentioning Ashanti during his interviews. He was criticized for how he spoke of his previous romantic relationship with the singer when she was also an artist on his label, and after receiving a wave of backlash, Irv has promised that he’ll be answering Ashanti questions with “no comment” from now on.

There have been murmurs about a Murder Inc reunion developing sometime soon, and it isn’t a bad idea, according to fans. Back in July, the singer laughed at a question about her inclusion in the docuseries, so Ashanti‘s participation in a tour is questionable.

Former Murder Inc artist Lloyd caught up with HipHopDX and asserted that if a reunion show or tour were to develop, there are certain names that have to be involved.

“I don’t think you can have a Murder Inc. reunion tour without Ashanti, and I don’t think Ashanti and Irv are seeing eye to eye in any capacity right now, so that’s probably far-fetched,” he said. While that idea continues to simmer, Lloyd added that he and Ja Rule may have something in the works.

“I talk to Ja all the time about us recording new music,” Lloyd said. “I think he’s now back in his bag and feeling creative, which he hasn’t been for a few years since being released after his incarceration. I sent him music when he first got out, the first week, just to show him, ‘Hey, you know, I’m right here when you’re ready.’ We actually talked the other day and he says he’s ready.”

Do you think a full roster Murder Inc tour could actually happen?