Z-Ro Alleges He Was Sucker-Punched In Fight With Trae Tha Truth

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The two rappers “grew apart” about 10 years ago and didn’t have beef, so Z-Ro believed he and Trae were going to have a simple conversation.

A viral clip is now receiving a bit of context, albeit it is only one side of the story. We recently reported on the video that shows a physical altercation allegedly involving Z-Ro and Trae Tha Truth, as the two Texas rappers exchanged blows. It didn’t take long for social media users to share the clip far and wide, and as it grew into a viral moment, TMZ jumped on the line to get Z-Ro‘s take on what occurred.

“[I was] minding my business and when I walked outside, it was like, I’m called over to the side of sprinter van and he was like, ‘Ay, when you get finished doin’ that, come take this walk with me right quick,” he recalled.

“I was like, ‘You talkin’ to me?’ I had to make sure he was talking to me ’cause I mean, I see you everywhere, you see me everywhere,” said Z-Ro. “So, when I walked over there, the only thing I saw after that was this [gestures to being punched in the face]. I’m looking this way and then I see this and then you feel multiple fists and I guess, feet. So, when the video comes on, it’s me making sure, like, you know, I’m not gon’ go home looking like I just fought a football team.”

He added that when he got up off the ground was the first time he saw who allegedly hit him, but by that time, the police were on the scene trying to break up the fight.

“I don’t even live my life like that. I got too much positive sh*t goin’ on, I obviously didn’t expect no sh*t like that, really,” he said. “I thought it was gon’ be where it’s a change and to be honest, I thought it was a conversation that needed to be had, I guess for the last decade… It would have been something that I would have appreciated the conversation.”

Z-Ro explained that it was around 2012 that he and Trae had some sort of tension that both men have long refused to call beef.

“Wasn’t ever no beef, it was no misunderstanding, it was just two people grew apart,” Z-Ro added. Check out his explanation below.

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