Charli Baltimore Wrote A Rap About Biggie Cheating On Her After Snooping Through His Phone

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The rapper shares her story in the Murder Inc docuseries, adding that Big thought it was funny, admired her talent, and told her to write every day.

We’ve seen the hoopla surrounding Irv Gotti as BET’s Murder Inc docuseries has moved from one episode to the next, and the show is highlighting an artist who was once an “it” girl in Rap. Charli Baltimore emerged in the 1990s and would deliver classics like “Feel It,” “Stand Up” featuring Ghostface Killah, and her collaboration with labelmate Ja Rule, “Down Ass Chick.”

Because she was making waves on the Murder Inc roster, fans weren’t surprised to hear her share her story in the docuseries. In a clip, Charli explained that she was motivated to make a change in her life after becoming a teenage mom, and she took a second shot at rapping while dating Christopher “The Notorious B.I.G.” Wallace.

“I met Big at a show in Philly and we were just friends in the beginning and kinda developed into a relationship,” the rapper recalled. “I had broke into his phone and somehow got his password to his phone. It was like, all these like, random girls on there saying all this stuff. So, I wrote every girl’s name down that I had from the voicemail and made like, a whole rap including all their names and sh*t.”

“By the time I spit it, I was laughing and so was he,” she added. “In his mind, he’s like, you know, you really got some talent and you should really keep trying to write a rhyme every day, and let’s see what comes of it.”

Charli said that Big wanted to “start a group called The Commission,” but his untimely death curbed those aspirations. However, his partner made good and signed her to her first deal.

Watch Charli Baltimore share stories of Biggie below, including how she came up with her Rap moniker.

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