Usher Dismisses “Verzuz” Because He’s “Cut From A Way Different Cloth”

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“It’s like, I could do it by myself, but I don’t wanna do that,” said the music icon.

 If Usher doesn’t make a Verzuz appearance soon, his fans will revolt. The celebrated R&B singer’s devoted supporters have been calling for him to perform on the hit social media-based series, but finding him an opponent has sparked debate. There have been several names tossed around as a formidable competition—primarily Chris Brown, who also has yet to see the Verzuz stage—but according to a new interview, Usher isn’t particularly interested in having his turn.

As his extended Las Vegas residency continues to light up Sin City, Usher caught up with the PEOPLE Everyday podcast where he addressed the ongoing prodding to appear on Verzuz.

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It seems that fans looking forward to Usher on the platform will be left disappointed.

“I think if you ever came to my show, you would understand that I don’t even think a Verzuz could handle all of the songs that I have to be honest,” said the singer. He even entertained a possible Verzuz-one-man show. “It’s like, I could do it by myself, but I don’t wanna do that. That’s not the purpose of Verzuz, me versus me.”

“But I think it’s great. It’s great to celebrate music, but the appreciation of it starts with understanding what it is and how long has it taken to do this legacy. And if you choose to compare it, what are you comparing to? Are you comparing it to itself?”

“I’m a different animal, man. I’m cut from a way different cloth man. And when you put those songs on, I’m telling you, I don’t think anybody in the world would want smoke with them songs.”

Listen to Usher‘s full chat with PEOPLE Everyday and let us know if you think there is an artist who could face off with him.


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