During the rollout of his Drillmatic: Heart vs. Mind album, The Game addressed just about every controversial moment in his career. From his previous relationships to his fallout with his peers, fans either revisited old memories or learned of new stories that Game has kept locked in the vault. With a career that has extended decades, much has been said about the Los Angeles rapper who rose from the streets to the stage, and as his career moves forward, he often faces off against critics.

“I choose to be real and to be authentic and to be transparent with my fans and my family over financial status,” he said during his recent interview with No Jumper.

“I mean, if I really just said f*ck everybody and really just went for the money, I mean I’m a superstar I would be a billionaire, too. You know [The Notorious B.I.G.] said it best a long time ago, you know, ‘Mo Money Mo Problems.’”

Adam22 mentioned that when rappers seem to be in a happier place in their lives or take time to tend to their families, they often receive backlash that they’ve fallen off.

“That sh*t don’t never f*ck with me ’cause you got to understand where it’s coming from,” the rapper replied. “You got somebody that’s at the bottom of their grandparent’s house in the comments saying you fell off. Like, who the f*ck are you? To be able to hate on my music, hate on me or hate on my career, you gotta be zoomed the f*ck in and you gotta be listening.”

“So, like everybody, you could do what you want on my page and on my socials. I don’t really give a f*ck. It’s thug life.”

Check out the clip and The Game‘s full interview with No Jumper below.