There are certain artists who, despite leaving us too soon, have remained respected members of the Hip Hop community. Their legendary status in the culture is often hailed and has been the subject of documentaries, best-selling books, and art pieces and installations decades after their passing, including that of Christopher Wallace, more affectionate known as Biggie Smalls or The Notorious B.I.G.

The impact that Biggie has had on music and Hip Hop culture is palpable, and even with Rap’s ever-changing scene, it is an unspoken rule to respect the late rapper’s legacy—especially in Brooklyn.

However, CBS News reported that someone decided to deface Biggie’s mural in his hometown, and it has caused an uproar in the neighborhood the rapper grew up in. Over the image, someone threw paint and wrote the words, “East Coast.” Surveillance footage captured the incident but it is reportedly difficult to make out the perpetrator who also took selfies.

“I woke up to this,” said artist Vincent Ballentine. It reportedly took him two days to complete back in 2019. “I think the neighborhood really saw it as he was one of ours, and he made it out and made something of himself. That’s the story that people hold on to.”

“This is his stomping ground, everything. Biggie means a lot to the whole world, so for somebody to do this, it’s ridiculous,” said Johnny Famous of Hush Hip Hop Tours. “I know there’s a million cameras out here. Somebody saw something.”


Check out reactions to the disrespect below.