DJ Akademiks Questions Why Young Thug Would Pen Lyrics Targeting YFN Lucci

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He caught up with DJ Vlad and they discussed prosecutors claiming Thugger’s lyrics were admissions in his beef with YFN Lucci.

Once again, Young Thug was recently denied bond and will remain incarcerated. The Georgia rapper went from being one of the top-selling Rap artists in the world to having his empire called into question by authorities who alleged that YSL is a street gang, not a record label. Thugger and Gunna have been named in a RICO indictment that could send them to prison for many years, but they, along with their legal team and supporters, continue to insist that they are innocent and did not participate in any illegal activities.

Media personalities have been watching this case closely as the world awaits the fate of the two superstar rappers, including DJ Vlad and DJ Akademiks who discussed the allegations on VladTV.

Young Thug
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Recently, reports surfaced stating that YFN Lucci was mentioned in the indictment. Lucci and Thug have been at odds over the years, and it was alleged by authorities that an attempt on his life was made behind bars at the behest of Thug. It was also reported that someone shot at Lucci’s mother, and officials have tried to blame that incident on Young Thug, as well.

During a hearing in June, a prosecutor said:

“[Thug] got into a beef, if you will, with another rapper by the name of Rayshawn Bennett, also known as YFN Lucci. At some point, Lucci’s mother was shot at and the song comes out, ‘Bad Boy,’ that says, uh, let’s see…’You better watch the way you breathe around me ‘fore that breath be your last boy, Smith & Wesson .45 put a hole in his heart, better not play with me, killers stay with me, I shot at his mommy now he no longer mention me.'”

“Why would you get on Instagram on your Story and tag [Lucci] and say, ‘I would have been killed you,'” questioned Akademiks. “It’s one of those things where I’m like, yo, I’m one hundred percent also in the same school of thought of I hope they don’t weaponize lyrics, but then, the YSL situation is not one of those things where they say they’re weaponizing lyrics. They’re supported by a lot of sh*t that we don’t know.”

Vlad interjected to add that text messages are also a part of the investigation, to which Akademiks agreed. The latter also added that he believes that Rap is “going through a cleansing right now” with district attorneys “following each other” in how they target Rap stars.

Check out the clip below.

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