Tony Yayo Speaks On Young Buck: Beef With 50 Cent, Trans Rumors, & Legal Trouble

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He advised Buck to stop ranting about Fif and adds that he saw Buck with “some superstar chicks” back in the day.

They were once shaped to be a collective with longevity but G-Unit found a few bumps in the road. 50 Cent‘s brainchild of rappers once stormed the charts, but these days, G-Unit is no more. Tony Yayo has maintained a good relationship with Fif following a few hiccups while Lloyd Banks has been pushing forward with a successful solo career. Young Buck has had some unfortunate run-ins with the law, not to mention viral moments with 50 Cent that have gone down in internet history.

Yayo recently sat down with VladTV and spoke about Fif and Buck, including the ongoing rumors that Young Buck is attracted to transgender women.

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While chatting about Buck’s legal issues, Yayo said, “‘No man is your friend, no man is your enemy, every man is your teacher. I heard that before, right? So, every man is your teacher, right, so you learn from your mistakes, but if you’re out there and the cases you catchin’ like, domestic wild sh*t, them people gon’ come for you. Nobody’s exempt from jail. You do some dumb sh*t, you gon’ go to jail.”

“As for the transgender thing, that’s more his choice. Me, I know him from—like, he had some superstar chicks that he used to…I don’t want to say no names, but he was doing his thing. I just know him for that. He was a cool guy but he was always unpredictable to me.”

He also believes that when Buck begins ranting about his past deals with Fif, Buck is asking for trouble.

“It’s just gonna f*ck you up,” said Tony. “I don’t know what deal you signed with 50 Cent or negotiated, but motherf*cka will just shut you down ’cause 50 ain’t scared of nobody. He just gon’—he’ll destroy your ass… He’ll destroy you.”

“You kinda gotta grow up and stay away from the bullsh*t.” Check it out below.

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