Timbaland Praises Jermaine Dupri For Inspiring Him With “If I Get Caught”

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Timbaland says that Jermaine Dupri and Dvsn’s new song, “If I Get Caught,” has him feeling inspired.

Timbaland shared massive praise for Jermaine Dupri on Instagram in response to his new single with Dvsn, “If I Get Caught.” Speaking about the song, Timbaland referred to Dupri as a “pioneer” and admitted that the new music has him inspired to get to work on some of his own.

Dupri shared a video of Timbaland‘s comments on Instagram, Friday, thanking the legendary producer for the support.

“I wanna congratulate Dvsn and Jermaine … and Dvsn had a talk when I was at Missy’s party,” Timbaland said in the clip. “And I gotta agree, it sat with me. I didn’t tell you this, but it sat with me Dvsn, you right. Your sound over what I do would be amazing, absolutely incredible.”

Timbaland, dvsn
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He continued: “But let’s salute Jermaine, one of the pioneers of this shit. Standing on 10 toes and bringing that shit to life! That song right now got girls goin’ crazy! You can’t deny it, he got me inspired. That’s what music’s ‘posed to do. He got me saying, ‘Tim, get back in your bag.’ And guess what, JD? Thank you.”

“If I Get Caught” was released by Dvsn at the end of July, and while popular, the Jay-Z sampling track was also met with backlash for its so-called “toxic” themes. Dupri dismissed critics of the song at the time as being “musically blind.”

Timbaland‘s comments come just days after Diddy claimed that R&B is “dead” on Instagram Live.

Check out Timbaland‘s video below.


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