Lil Wayne Cusses Out Fan Who Threw A Flag Onto Stage During Performance

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Wayne threatened to leave if anything else was thrown at him. “You little p*ssy b*tch,” he told the mystery person in the audience.

As the safety of rappers has become a growing concern, artists are taking even more precautions to make sure they stay out of harm’s way. Although throwing items on stage at concerts has been a pastime that has existed throughout the history of performing, these days, several artists seem to be tired of being pelted with items.

Fans throw their phones in the hopes of artists taking photos or videos, but others antagonize rappers, much like audience members did to Kid Cudi at Rolling Loud. While on stage last Friday (August 19), Lil Wayne outwardly told the crowd that he would cut his performance short if people kept disrupting his set.

Lil Wayne
Aaron J. Thornton / Stringer / Getty Images

Weezy had barely even begun when something landed near him. He wasn’t amused.

“This my first song. If a n*gga gonna be throwing the sh*t at me, I ain’t gonna do another song and I’ll get my ass right up out this motherf*cka,” he said. “It’s called respect. So, like I said, if a n*gga gonna be throwing sh*t at me, I don’t respect that person and give a f*ck.”

The crowd continued to scream and yell as Wayne spoke, even erupting in a “Weezy!” chant, but he wasn’t quite finished. The rapper then delivered a message to whoever threw the item at him.

“If you know who that was that threw that sh*t, tell him I say f*ck him and suck on a motherf*ckin’ d*ck,” Wayne added. “You little p*ssy b*tch. Throwin’ flags at me, n*gga, that sh*t ain’t even real. F*ck wrong with you? P*ssy motherf*cka.”

Check it out below.

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