Joell Ortiz Says He’s “Not Above A Diss Record” While Speaking On Slaughterhouse Fallout

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Earlier this year, there was tension with Ortiz and his ex-groupmates Joe Budden and Roy Da 5’9″ over his joint album with KXNG Crooked.

Just when you thought the Slaughterhouse dust-up was behind us, Joell Ortiz let it be known that if things get out of control, diss tracks are on the table. For years, fans have been wanting a Slaughterhouse reunion, but it doesn’t look like all members are on board. There have been ongoing conversations regarding Joe Budden‘s participation in the group, and the consensus seemed to be that he was the reason why Slaughterhouse never received its revival.

However, Ortiz and KXNG Crooked came together to release their joint project The Rise and Fall of Slaughterhouse, and on it, they spit a few bars about the demise of their group. Later, Royce Da 5’9″ and Budden voiced their displeasure with the record and a heated Livestream session was soon to follow.

More recently, Ortiz and Crook were once again sharing a social media space for a friendly chat, and during the exchange, Ortiz suggested that if need be, he would unload his pen.

“I’mma say this man: I’m not above a diss record, my n*gga. You get what I’m saying?” said the rapper. “All I did on that last album was tell the f*ckin’ truth. I told the fans why there was no more Slaughterhouse. That’s it. I didn’t do anything, I didn’t call n*ggas out they names. I didn’t do anything but say the truth. But if n*ggas keep it up, I’m not above a diss record, bro! I’m not above that! I don’t do Lives and sh*t like that—all my people know that!”

“I don’t do this, this is not my thing. I get in the booth and I rhyme,” Ortiz continued. “That’s my thing. So, just leave me alone, man. I’m not bothering you, I said my truth. I haven’t mentioned anything since March. I said why there was no more Slaughterhouse sh*t, and then I was off of it.”

Ortiz added that he hasn’t been in interviews or on social media addressing the controversy, and all he wants to do is make music.

Check it out below.

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